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Toyota Corolla

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Tech specs

Price range: TBD.

Engine: 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre four-cylinder, 1.8-litre four-cylinder hybrid.

Transmission/drive: Six-speed manual, CVT/Front-wheel.

Why it matters: Even in a market where crossovers get all the headlines, the Corolla remains a mainstay of straightforward transportation for thousands of Canadians. With the new 2020 model, the Corolla broadens its scope of appeal, both with improved efficiency and sportier models.

Along with improved styling, decreased road noise, and all the other incremental changes you expect in a redesign, the big story is the power. Entry models retain the thrifty 1.8L four-cylinder, but there's a new 169hp 2.0L for extra zip, or a hybrid powertrain for urban commuters.

The next generation of Toyota's driver assist systems, including automatic braking and radar cruise control, are standard, improving safety. Add in improved interior materials and Toyota's latest infotainment system, built around an available 8” touchscreen, and this new Corolla is anything but basic transportation.

Toyota Supra

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Daniel Mears/The Associated Press

The return of the Supra after a decade and a half has many a driving enthusiast all a-flutter. However, the mission has changed. Where once the Supra was an all-conquering GT car, now it’s a nimble two-seater, a competitor for the Porsche Cayman or Nissan 370Z.

It’s still got an inline-six, but one that is shared with BMW. In fact, the Supra and the new BMW Z4 share most of their engineering, though Toyota’s engineers have done their own fine-tuning.

Given how good Toyota’s top-spec Lexus performance vehicles are to drive, that’s likely to be good news. The old king is dead, long live the new Supra.

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