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A Weathertech sun shade on a Ford Taurus.

Windshield shades

Available at: All automotive departments

Price: $12.00 and up.

The black leather interior seemed like a great idea when you bought the car in October. Now, with the summer sun beating down, the choice doesn’t seem so wise. Lip balm and gum melt into blobs very quickly. And when you sit down or grip the steering wheel? Ouch!

So, the question: Do windshield sun shades actually reduce the heat or the UV damage?

The answer: Yes, just enough to take the sting out and that’s what counts.

There are many designs and quality to pick from. Even the best, such as the WeatherTech TechShades specifically designed to fit windshields, can only reduce the dash temperature and steering wheel temperature to a touchable temperature. Their inhouse tests prove the dash can drop from 77 C to 43 C by using a windshield shade. Venting and cranking up the air conditioners do the rest.

Look for a shield that fits your make of vehicle to block 100 per cent of the sun. Spend a little bit of money to get a sturdy design that can easily store. Make sure one side is a reflective material that bounces the rays away to reduce the absorption of heat in the cab. Consider a design that is insulated with a reversable black surface to absorb sunlight in winter.

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