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The Hudway Cast mounts to most dashboards and mirrors your smartphone's screen.

Hudway Cast

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Price: US$299

Pricey cars (and fighter jets) can come with a head-up display (HUD) projecting data onto the lower portion of your windshield. At first, it can seem distracting but it doesn’t take long to appreciate having a map, speed and directions available without taking your eyes off the road.

Hudway Cast is an affordable way to get an HUD feature. It’s a small portable display that sticks to most dashes and wirelessly mirrors the screen of your smartphone onto a miniature crystal-clear screen.

If you don’t like the navigator’s voice on the Hudway, use your preferred navigation. The information available on the screen depends on the app but the Hudway offers the route map, navigation suggestions, your speed, ETA, music and even caller ID. With the see-through dimmable screen, it’s particularly useful at night.

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The Hudway is powered through your vehicle's 12-volt lighter.The Globe and Mail

Installation is easy. Plug it into the 12-volt lighter, download the app, pair the Hudway Cast to your phone and then position perfectly on the dash before using the adhesive. The Bluetooth link between your smartphone and the device is limited so a smartphone dash-mount is provided. A short USB cable can tie the two together for reception and to charge your phone. When you don’t need direction, fold the Hudway down into its soft hood, twist it off the mount and tuck it away.

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