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Remote monitoring using the Sengled Snap HD Camera.Joanne Elves/The Globe and Mail

Sengled Snap HD Camera and Element lights

Available at: Home Depot,,

Price: $149 for Snap, $65 Element starter kit

You’re sitting at the campfire ready to break into song when, suddenly, your smartphone vibrates. It’s the alert from the garage security camera. You open the Sengled Snap app on your phone to see someone milling about your driveway.

The wireless HD camera is already recording the action, but you have the ability to scare away the potential intruder with your voice on the Snap and also by illuminating the entire property with Element lights placed throughout the residence.

The Sengled Snap looks like a floodlight but offers incredible 140-degree video surveillance anytime of the day. Using the app, watch a live video feed, turn the flood light on and off or program a lighting schedule. The two-way intercom allows conversations with the delivery man or that intruder. The video is only kept a day unless you purchase the cloud storage. Although it instantly records any motion, the current Snap does not trigger the floodlight. The next version will.

Each wireless Sengled Element LED light bulb you’ve scattered throughout the garage and house can be programmed from the app individually or, when an intruder shows up, a flick of one button has the whole house brilliantly lit.

The combination of the lighting systems lets you get back to enjoying that campfire.

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