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The Lund BedXTender helps truck drivers carry a load in the tonnage.Joanne Elves

Lund BedXtenderHD

Available at: Canadian Tire

Price: $399.99

A truck owner has to deal with two scenarios when carrying a load in the open box. Is it too small and bouncing all over the back, eventually landing as far from reach as possible? Or is it so large that the tailgate needs to be dropped?

Either problem can be resolved with a nifty cargo grill that flips to support either case.

The Lund BedXTender (HD in this model) comes flat in a box and, like Lego, there are step-by-step instructions to bolt and screw the black powder-coat-finished aluminum alloy tubes together. A template shows you exactly where to bolt the mounting brackets to the truck so the cage drops into place and swivels to help with your loads.

Set within the box, it holds small things close to the tailgate for easy access. Drop the tailgate, swivel the cage out and lock it in place with the buckles that clip into the tailgate latch to haul long loads. The cage extends your cargo area by 60 centimetres, making it easier to carry that load of lumber, ladders or short kayaks.

The BedXTender fits under tonneau covers and when not needed, it can easily pop out. Two other models are available for hauling motorcycles or sporting equipment.

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