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While there weren’t many new vehicle debuts at the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mich., there were cars, SUVs, and concepts on the show floor with serious star power. Check out these six cars that stole the show.

1. Lincoln L100 concept

Some star cars came right from Motor City, like this one from Lincoln. It’s a futuristic electric autonomous concept vehicle called the Lincoln L100. Designed to showcase the future of mobility, its sleek aerodynamic design, funky wheels and open spacious pod-like cabin fit Lincoln’s trademark “sanctuary” theme found in their modern vehicles. But this concept raises the bar. Walk up to the L100 and the vehicle comes to life with an interactive symphony of lights. Reverse-hinged doors and the glass roof open to reveal a huge, clean spacious interior with front seats that swivel around so passengers can talk to rear-seat passengers nestled in the back. And there’s no need for a steering wheel because this is a self-driving concept. An animal-free interior is also on trend.

The Lincoln L100.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

2. Lincoln Star concept

Surprisingly, Lincoln had a second hit on its hands. It’s called the Lincoln Star concept – impossible to miss thanks to its bold purple exterior paint, glass hood with a frunk, or front trunk, hidden beneath and suicide doors. This concept represents the new face and design language of Lincoln as it moves toward a future of connected, electrified vehicles. Lighting also plays a big role on the exterior and in the cabin with illuminated crystal accents, backlit doors and seats. While we haven’t seen a production electric vehicle from Lincoln yet, the Detroit automaker plans to deliver four new all-electric vehicles by 2026. More than half of Lincoln’s global volume is expected to be all-electric by the middle of this decade.

The Lincoln Star.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

3. Lexus concept

Another luxury brand, Lexus, showed this stunning concept. Even though it has no name yet, its body spoke volumes, attracting crowds in all directions. This concept demonstrates Lexus’ vision for an electric future – and it isn’t boring or bland. On the contrary – it’s sexy, sporty, fast and fun. This battery-electric concept car sits low-to-the-ground, has a long sleek hood, and beefy wheels. It’ll be powerful and quick, able to accelerate to 100 kilometres an hour in just over two seconds. Plus, this zero-emission vehicle will have an electric range of up to 700 kilometres.

A Lexus concept car without a name.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

4. 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Ford is harking back to its past, paying tribute to the original 1966 Bronco with this 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition model. With its unique “race red” colour and bold white accents, its styling cues are reminiscent of the iconic 1966 Bronco. This updated version gets 17-inch white wheels, a white painted grille with red “Ford” lettering and a white hard top with “Heritage” bedside graphics. The “Heritage” badging continues inside so you know this is no ordinary Bronco. The seats are also covered in navy pier plaid cloth upholstery.

The 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

5. Ghostbusters Ectomobile

Sure this vehicle isn’t new, but it’s iconic. Film lovers will instantly recognize the Ghostbusters Ectomobile, the fictional ride from the hit franchise, Ghostbusters. Lineups were long to snap photos with it.

The reimagined Ecto-1 based on a 1984 Cadillac hearse, as seen in the 2016 reboot.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

6. Air One flying car

Israeli start up, Air, is one of several air mobility companies racing to make flying cars a reality. And their Air One flying car took centre stage in Detroit. It’s a two-seater, battery-powered electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, or eVTOL, which resembles a giant orange drone. It can carry 500 pounds, reach speeds of up to 250 kilometres an hour and has an electric range of 177 kilometres. The company’s first concept prototype came out in 2017, and the Air One had its first flight last June. Air is taking pre-orders for its first 200 flying cars for US$150,000, which they hope to deliver in 2024. But safety regulations and other barriers might make it harder to get off the ground by then.

The Air One, a two-seater, battery-powered electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle.Petrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail