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Event summary produced by The Globe and Mail Events team. The Globe’s editorial department was not involved.

On March 28, 2023 The Globe and Mail hosted the Globe Drive Urban Mobility Summit, featuring discussions on how urban mobility should evolve in view of climate change, health and safety, and changing societal norms.

For more information on each of the sessions, speakers and to view the full event, see below:

Future-Proofing Transit – Ridership and innovation in focus: A spike in headlines surrounding safety on Canadian transit systems plays into potential ridership growth and municipal financial health. What can be done to ensure riders feel safer riding Canada’s transit systems? Looking at the bigger picture, what are the most urgent priorities for public transit systems for a secure future?

Josipa Petrunić, President & C.E.O., Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium CUTRIC

Bem Case, Executive Director, Innovation and Sustainability Group, Toronto Transit Commission

Jordan Chittley, Editor, Globe Drive

Micromobility – How can cities accommodate the surge? Where do e-scooters and e-bikes fit into the transit landscape? This interview covered the rise of micromobility and strategies to find the right playbook for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Jamie Stuckless, Owner & Principal Consultant, Stuckless Consulting Inc.

Oliver Moore, Urban Affairs Reporter, The Globe and Mail

E-Vehicle Charging: More e-vehicles on the road will require more charging stations. What infrastructure changes and developments will be required to meet consumer demand, and how will charging stations be integrated into our homes, cities and public spaces?

Brent Hartman, Director, Standards - Fuels & Transportation at CSA Group

Alec Tsang, Manager, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning, BC Hydro

Jordan Chittley, Editor, Globe Drive

Interview: Autonomous Vehicles – What will mainstream adoption look like? Though fully self-driving technology has surged and stalled over the past several years, automakers and tech innovators are preparing for its eventual widespread adoption. Vehicle design is changing, and autonomous technology is maturing with regards to safety and reliability. Will consumers buy in? This discussion explored where humans and A.I. might meet, and how autonomous vehicles stand to reshape city landscapes.

Charles Boulanger, CEO, LeddarTech

Petrina Gentile, Contributing Writer, Globe Drive, The Globe and Mail

Mobility by Design – Approaches for healthier neighbourhoods: Urban planners and transportation experts across Canada are integrating mobility when designing or upgrading neighbourhoods, avoiding the transit deserts and lack of walkability prevalent in many existing communities. This interview explored how the approach is changing the ways we live, work and interact with our communities ⸺ and creating healthier, happier populations.

Jay Pitter, Award-Winning Placemaker, Author and Adjunct Professor & Practitioner-in-Residence, University of Waterloo

Petrina Gentile, Contributing Writer, Globe Drive, The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail presented the event with sponsor support from Toyota.