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There’s little room for debate on the idea that Canada needs more clean energy. As governments, society and the private sector work toward mitigating the impacts of climate change and achieving targets of net-zero emissions, the need for Canada to accelerate the development of clean energy has become apparent.

On June 9, The Globe and Mail hosted a webcast featuring:

  • Phil de Luna, Carbontech Innovator and Research Capitalist
  • Jon Z. Bentley, Partner, Enterprise Strategy, Energy and Utilities, IBM Consulting
  • Erin Madro, Principal, Evok Innovations
  • Kate Chisholm, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, Capital Power
  • Chris Henderson, Executive Director, Indigenous Clean Energy

This panel discussed ideas for a roadmap to clean energy expansion in 2022 and beyond, focusing on the most promising opportunities facing governments, utilities and municipalities to create a cleaner power grid.

Event summary produced by The Globe and Mail Events team. The Globe’s editorial department was not involved.