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Profiles of more than 60 schools across the country, as well as feature stories filled with advice for prospective students.

Admissions advice: Tips to get your application noticed

Getting into university has become more competitive than ever. Here’s some practical advice from university admissions officials on what you need to do to get that acceptance letter.

From AI to climate change: An integrated approach to university education

As the world refocuses on breakthroughs on global issues such as technology and environmental challenges, universities are also transforming their studies to serve students’ changing interests.

Cannabis on campus: A year later

When it comes to cannabis use at the University of Calgary, there hasn’t been a surge in uptake since its legalization last fall, says Jessica Revington, president of the university’s student union.

The high price of higher learning

A postsecondary education has plenty of benefits. After all, it often leads to better career options and higher incomes.

Take ownership of your postsecondary journey

The time has come to apply to university and, while exciting, the prospect of choosing what to do for the rest of your life can also be overwhelming.

Sowing the seeds to tackle the climate crisis

HyunGu Kang was halfway through her natural resources conservation program at the University of British Columbia when she realized something was missing.

What’s the right university for you?

The Globe and Mail’s 2020 Canadian University Report profiles and compares more than 80 universities across the country to provide a snapshot of tuition and fees, student demographics, experience and program offerings to help prospective students choose the institution that’s best suited to their needs.

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