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Globe Up Close: A podcast from The Globe and Mail

S1 Episode 4 The Books That Shaped 2020

This was a year like no other, and now that it’s almost (blessedly) over, we reflect on the books that got us through the long days, weeks and months of solitude. How has the world of books – and the writing process itself – changed in 2020? In this podcast, the Globe’s Western arts correspondent Marsha Lederman, features editor Dawn Calleja, writer Emily Donaldson and books editor Judith Pereira discussed their conversations with some of the country’s leading authors about the books that got them through 2020, how the pandemic will shape the books to come, their thoughts about genre and the future of the literary world.

S1 Episode 3 What Investors Need to Know to Make it Through the Uncertainties Ahead

To say that this has been an unsettling year in the financial markets is an understatement. Both new and experienced investors have been challenged when trying to navigate the way forward. This episode will provide you with some clarity, and direction as you set your strategy for the coming months and years ahead. Globe and Mail personal finance columnist Rob Carrick, and his guest Naheed Gilani, founder of Conscious Wealth, will share their insights to help you to thrive amidst this uncertainty. They will discuss lessons learned over the course of these past few months, as well as tactical strategies such as asset mixes for different stages in life, socially responsible investing, thematic investing, and much more.

S1 Episode 2 Stumbling toward the US Election

Joe Biden is leading in the national polls. But if the lesson of the last U.S. election is any guide, we know the Democrats still have a long road to victory, and four more years of Donald Trump is in the realm of possibility. Listen in to Washington-based U.S. Correspondent Adrian Morrow and special guest Jim Sciutto, CNN's chief national security correspondent, anchor of CNN Newsroom and author of The Madman Theory. They discuss the performance of the candidates to date, their potential paths to victory, their plans for governing, and how the American people will ultimately decide as they head to the ballot box on November 3.

S1 Episode 1 Spring Forward or Fall Back with André Picard

With our kids back to school, the threat of stricter restrictions, and Covid-19 cases on the rise, Canadians are bracing themselves for what’s to come. Public health officials are warning that a second wave is inevitable and could be even more devastating. Others believe that we will have one long wave, with the occasional ripple when we become complacent. In the first of a new webcast series, join Globe health columnist and reporter André Picard who will share his perspective on progress, the latest developments on rapid diagnostic testing, and whether we have to start preparing ourselves psychologically for the possibility of another lockdown.

S1 Episode 0 Trailer: Globe Up Close

Globe Up Close allows you to hear from journalists across the newsroom from coast to coast, as they delve into important and timely topics that matter to Canadians. You’ll hear the latest in news and business, politics, personal finance and investing, and the arts. Get behind-the-scenes details twice a month from Globe and Mail journalists and their special guests.


About Globe Up Close

Globe Up Close began as a live webcast series for subscribers, where every other week, Globe journalists and their guests shed light on important and timely topics for Canadians. Topics range from news and business, to politics, to personal finance and investing, to the arts. The series has since evolved where live sessions are repurposed into the Globe Up Close podcast, where it is now widely available to download on your favourite podcast app. There’s something here for everyone. Join us today, for a scintillating conversation.

Globe Up Close is hosted by journalists at The Globe and Mail. Its producer is Ariel Burkett with editing and mixing by Justin McWilliams, and production assistance by Justin Andrews. Art was created by Annette Dul.

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