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Industry Interrupted: A podcast from The Globe and Mail

Episode 12 What's so great about a bed in a box?

For years, the industry told us that we needed to buy mattresses in person. But as it turns out, they were wrong.

We talk to:
  • Mike Gettis, co-founder of Endy
  • Stewart Schaefer, Chief business development officer of Sleep Country Canada
  • Joy Elena, founder of Toronto-based Sleep Envie
  • Sam Prochazka, founder of Calgary-based

Episode 11 Is it time to break up with your orthodontist?

Direct-to-consumer dentistry services like Smile Direct Club are worrying Canadian orthodontists. The fear is that consumers won't get the level of care appropriate for something as important as our teeth. The disruptors say that the fears are overblown. Who is correct?

We talk to:
  • Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Chief Clinical Officer of Smile Direct Club
  • Dr. Tracey Hendler. Orthodontist at Forest Hill Orthodontics in Toronto and pre-clinical instructor of orthodontics at the University of Toronto
  • Irwin Fefergrad, Registrar of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

Episode 10 The case for not owning our own clothes

Across the country, the battle between retail and rental is heating up. As consumer sentiment turns away from fast fashion, clothing rental companies are betting that the desire to own our own clothes isn't as strong as we think.

We talk to:
  • Vasiliki Belegrinis, founder and CEO of Markham, Ont.-based clothing rental company Reheart
  • Doug Stevens, retail futurist and a contributor to trade publication Business of Fashion
  • Michael Solomon, author of Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being
  • You can listen to Recode's full interview with Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman here.

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Episode 9 To infinity... and Beyond Meat

Veggie burgers and the like are no longer just for vegans and vegetarians. What’s behind the explosion of meatless meat? And what exactly is a 'flexetarian?'

Bonus: You can click here to see a photo of Sean enjoying his meatless meat burger. Sorry Sean.

We talk to:
  • Seth Goldman, Executive chairman of Beyond Meat
  • Michael McCain, President and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods
  • Lonie Murdock, Personal trainer, nutritional coach and founder of Eat, Train, Live, a healthy meal delivery service in Toronto

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Episode 8 Let's all go to the mall!

Malls are dying across North America. Or are they? As we found out, the story is a little different in Canada.

We talk to:
  • Derek Coss, chief development officer for Ivanhoe Cambridge
  • Craig Patterson, retail analyst and founder of Canadian retail industry news publication Retail Insider
  • Jeff Hardwick, author of Mall Maker: Architect of an American Dream, a biography of Victor Gruen, the original creator of the mall
  • Tamara Szames, fashion industry analyst at NPD Group

Episode 7.5 Coming Soon: A second season of Industry Interrupted

For every established company, there's a disruptor waiting in the wings. In season 2, we're tackling everything from malls to meatless meats to beds in boxes. Listen to season two starting Oct 16.


About Industry Interrupted

For every established company there's disruptor waiting in the wings. Meet the new generation of interrupters, the industries they’re turning on their heads and the big players who are fighting back. We'll also answer the most important question of all: What does all of this mean for us as consumers?

Industry Interrupted is presented by Sean Stanleigh. Season two of the show is produced by Ann Lang, Laura Regehr, Tara Deschamps and Stephanie Chan. Art was created by Jeanine Brito.

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