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I'll go first: A podcast from The Globe and Mail

Episode 7 Next-level farming: Turning manure into water

For our last episode, we're turning to one our oldest industries - farming. But in order for Canada’s agriculture industry to keep up, remain competitive, meet food security and achieve sustainability goals, it must look to innovate. That means introducing things like grain-bin sensors, soil monitors, digital weather stations … and turning manure into water?

We talk to:
  • Jason Bradley. Director of the Olds College Smart Agriculture program in Olds, Alberta.
  • Karen Schuett, co-founder of Livestock Water Recycling in Calgary.

Episode 6 Will a cryptocurrency credit card help take back finance?

Supporters describe cryptocurrencies as a way to bypass banks and put payments back into the hands of the people. But opponents see cryptocurrencies as little more than souped-up versions of a money order, with no intrinsic value. In this episode, Sean takes a look at how the evolution of cryptocurrency is finally convincing the financial industry to get in on the act.

We talk to:
  • Jenn Lowther, chief revenue officer of Netcents, a Vancouver-based company that recently introduced a cryptocurrency credit card
  • Chris Rowell, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business

Episode 5 If you want a job in law, should you be worried about legal AI?

From AI that can predict the outcome of a trial to software that can sift through mountains of evidence in record time, technology is finally starting to change law in remarkable ways. But it begs the question – if in some cases technology can do a lawyer’s work better than the lawyer, what does that mean for the future of legal jobs?

We talk to:
  • Benjamin Alarie, CEO and co-founder of Blue J Legal, a Toronto company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict legal outcomes
  • Puneet Tiwari, co-founder of Evichat, a Toronto company that enables lawyers to efficiently sort and review evidence from social media

Episode 4 Tailored for your body : Food, health and cannabis

The consumer wellness industry is now becoming data driven. In this episode, Sean dives into the world of "designer" diets, wellness and health, talking to two companies that are attempting to figure out how what we consume controls us from the inside out. You really can personalize everything ... even cannabis.

We talk to:
  • Aly Burtch, co-founder and managing director of uBioDiscovery, a company that creates personalized diet plans based on the bacteria in your gut
  • Stephanie Karasick, founder and chief patient advocate at Strainprint, a mobile app for medical cannabis users to track their intake and learn which strains and dosages work best for them

Episode 3 Mike Serbinis is breaking a 200-year-old model

Insurance coverage in Canada has been largely unchanged since the industry began, so it's no surprise that lots of Canadians resent the premiums they pay for inflexible policies that often don’t meet their needs.

We speak with serial entrepreneur Mike Serbinis about the explosion of on-demand and personalized services, and the way his new company League is challenging the long-standing, “one-size-fits-none” approach to insurance coverage.

We talk to:
  • Mike Serbinis, co-founder and CEO of League, a startup offering a digital alternative to traditional health insurance.

Episode 2 The resource nobody thinks about

For most of us, accessing clean water is as easy as turning on the tap. But for those who live in underserved and isolated communities, that's a luxury they can't even fathom. And as our world increasingly feels the effects of climate change, we might find that our relationship with water will start to change too. What role can Canadian technology play in helping people around the world access clean water?

We talk to:
  • David Henderson, founder of XPV Water Partners
  • Candace Cook, a research scientist with RESEAU waterNET, a program based at the University of Brtiish Columbia

Episode 1 The next wave of predictive health care

Mobile medical apps have fundamentally changed health care. But they’ve never quite managed to break through the doctor-patient relationship. Now that apps are getting into machine learning, will that change?

We talk to:
  • Yan Fossat,Vice President at Klick Labs
  • Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical

Episode 0 Coming Soon: Industry Interrupted

Innovation touches every industry. From finance to medicine to agriculture, what’s forcing change in these sectors? How will they fare in the global economy? And what will it mean for your wallet?

Learn more about Sean:
Sean Stanleigh

Sean Stanleigh is the head of The Globe Content Studio, the content marketing arm of The Globe and Mail. He is also the co-chair of Lab351, the company’s internal business incubator. Read his full bio here.


About Industry Interrupted

Canada is full of truly innovative individuals up to surprising things. Almost in the blink of an eye, they are completely transforming entire business sectors. We'll introduce you to a new generation of interrupters, the industries they’re turning on their heads and in the process shed some light on how we live as consumers.

Industry Interrupted is presented by Sean Stanleigh. The show is produced by Ann Lang, Laura Regehr, Guy Dixon and Stephanie Chan. Art was created by Jeanine Brito.

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