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Report on Private Schools

When it comes to making decisions about sending your child to an independent school, the choices can be overwhelming. The Globe offers a variety of topics to consider.

Dollars in search of diversity

Schools offer needs- and merit-based financial aid to attract a range of students who could not otherwise afford to attend

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Back to basics

The primer answers the most-asked questions when it comes to private school education.

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Full STEM ahead

How a single-gender environment can leads girls to choose a career in sciences, technology, math and engineering.

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Looking back

Eminent Canadians with a variety of backgrounds who attended independent and private schools reflect on the sometimes surprising ways that their educations affected the directions they took in life, Shannon Moneo writes

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Too much homework?

Homework has its fair share of proponents and opponents, owing in part to lack of research consensus.

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Get the giggles out

From stuffed toys to creative songs, educators approach sex ed classes with innovative methods.

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Under the microscope

In lab schools, learning in classrooms benefits students and researchers.

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Global outlook

From the International Baccalaureate to foreign national curriculums and peers from around the globe, students get a wide perspective.

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Read the fine print

Don’t be caught off guard by extra costs or volunteer expectations.

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Preschool choices

Early-learning schools create an environment to address the whole person.

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Families describe the circumstances that led to schooling away from home, from children’s choice to floating adventure.

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Alumni connection

Thanks to alumni networks, the number of students able to attend CAIS schools regardless of their socioeconomic background is increasing.

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