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Away from the new car reveals and press conferences, there are some great things to see.

This Dimora Vicci 6.2-litre and features 430 horsepower and retails for $1.3 million (U.S.). The customized paint job on the hood takes 700 man-hours to do.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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The best vehicle at the show : Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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You don’t see too many Kia convertible in this cool colour north of the border.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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A Los Angeles artist creates her own personalized Nissan Versa Note as part of the “Street Art Battle at the L.A. Auto Show.” The event was sponsored by Nissan’s Versa Note Colour Studio.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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Another Los Angeles artist dresses up own personalized Nissan Versa Note as part of the “Street Art Battle at the L.A. Auto Show.”Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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Larry Fullerton's Galvin Ford funny car, a Maverick restored in 2014, 44 years after it first raced in 1970.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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Alfa Romeo featured several rare vehicles from its company collection alongside Alfas from select Southern California collectors. In all, almost 50 unique and classic vehicles were under this tent at the 2015 MPG Motoring Invitational.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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This hard-driving blues trio rocked the Motor Press Guild Motoring Invitational, sponsored by Alfa Romeo.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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The just-revealed Nissan Sentra drew quite a crowd. Imagine if it had been an exciting vehicle ...Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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Car-show cool: Here’s some of the merchandise available for sale at the show.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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These old-school roller-skaters were serving up hot coffee first thing in the morning, zipping from customer to customer.Darren McGee/The Globe and Mail

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