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This car takes the "prize" for ugliest car on the market.

This car takes the "prize" for ugliest car on the market.


The ten ugliest cars in Canada Add to ...

Each panelist submitted 10 vehicles deemed to be the loveable uglies, and those votes were counted on a 10, 9, 8 basis.

Some say all automobiles are beautiful in their own ways these days. Indeed, beauty proved to be in the eye of the beholder. The No. 1 vehicle on our composite list scored highly with some voters while not making other lists whatsoever. A few vehicles rated most ugly by individual voters did not score enough votes overall to make the composite. 

This gallery contains our final list. For a list of the voters, click here. To log your comment on this list, click here.


10. Jeep Cherokee

Looks too much like my Grade 9 high school photo. Before I got my braces off. -- Lorraine Sommerfeld

For a review of the Cherokee, click here

9. Scion iQ

There’s a reason this mini car doesn’t sell – it’s slow, boring, and ugly. -- Petrina Gentile

For a review of the Scion iQ, click here

8. Ford Transit Connect

About as sensible – and sexy – as a pair of Mark’s Work Wearhouse boots. -- Doug Firby

For a Best of the Lot comparison of the Transit Connect and two other vans, click here

7. Kia Soul

The Soul is perceived as cool in a geeky kind of way. At least that’s what owners of this beastly box tell themselves. -- Darren McGee

The Nissan Cube for twenty-somethings, who really ought to know better. -- Andrew Braithwaite

For a review of the Soul, click here.

6. Mini Coupe

A car wearing a baseball cap. Badly. -- Rob Mowat

For more details about Mini, click here.

5. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Seems better suited to ferry you around the golf course. Can’t anyone make a micro EV that doesn’t scream clown car? -- Darren McGee


4. Smart fortwo

This design is reminiscent of something the cat yakked up. The 2013 model was no beauty, but the retooled 2014 model plunges it to new depths of despair. -- Darren McGee

The Smart was just named the "greenest car on the road." 

3. Fiat 500L

Has none of the delicate charm of its smaller sibling; the front end looks like a genetic mutation. -- Doug Firby

I love the Fiat 500 because I love tiny city cars. The 500L is an oversized Fiat for people who don't like tiny city cars. Nobody wins.  -- Andrew Braithwaite

For a review of the 500L, click here.

2. BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

An unlikely tribute to Pontiac Aztec -- Dan Proudfoot

For a review of the 5 Series, click here


1. Nissan Juke

A successful crossover, souped up but sporty? Only if the "sport" you're playing is the arcade game Frogger. -- Andrew Braithwaite

With its misplaced bits, it looks like what Frankenstein’s monster would look like if it were a car. -- Doug Firby

One vowel away from Freudian slip -- Dan Proudfoot

For a review of the Juke, click here
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