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Reliable Brio 500CC

The grunge, the dog slobber and the countless spilled drinks invisibly pile up. Then there's road salt and dirt caught in the rubber seals. Oh, don't forget the engine – how can you stand it? To eradicate it all, a steam system such as the Reliable Brio 500CC is versatile and can cut through all that dirt and sanitize without chemicals.

The engineer in our house was the first to scoff at the light-weight high-pressure portable steam machine and all the attachments. But after cleaning dirt from door jambs and mats, oil off the garage floor and the spare motor in the garage, he was impressed. The steam nozzle blasted the console clean of crumbs and dust. A quick switch to the triangle head covered in a reusable bamboo cloth had years of neglect erased from the upholstery.

The Brio 500CC comes with 25 attachments and a tidy storage bag. With the continuous 5-bar steam system, water can be added without losing pressure or steam.

Forget the lemonade stand, get the kids to invest in a Brio 500CC Steam Cleaner, then set up a detailing stand at the corner. By the end of summer, college will be paid off.

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