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SuperTooth HD - Voice

Bluetooth connector

SuperTooth HD-Voice

Price: Up to $129.99

Cellphones and teenage girls go hand-in-hand. But what if her car is not equipped with Bluetooth technology? We know they can't not talk. A hands-free Bluetooth gadget to put in the car is the answer.

To the rescue is SuperTooth HD-Voice. It's the size of a garage-door opener and as easy to use. First, pair it with up to eight smartphones that will be used in the car, mount it on the magnetic back and slip it on the sun visor.

A quick press of the button connects to Siri or Google or whoever is the voice that activates hands-free dialling on your smartphone. Say "Call Annika" and the phone dials. For incoming calls, after it announces "Call from Annika," say "Okay" and the call connects. It will also announce GPS directions and stream music from smartphones. Sadly, there is no voice announcement for "Put gas in car."

It needs three hours to fully charge with talk time of 20 hours. On standby, it last about 40 days. It can be charged in the car or through your computer. With the capabilities to connect from as far as 10 metres away, the phone can be in the back seat – far from thumbs that want to text.

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