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The GripGo Car Phone Mount.

GripGo Car Phone Mount

  • Available at: Walmart, Canadian Tire and Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Price: $12 and up

The GripGo box says you can talk and drive safely. But can it lead to other distractions?

GripGo is a standard dash or window mount gadget holder but where it differs is in how it holds gadgets. It's a sticky polymer that won't let go of smooth-backed gadgets. Some even say it pulls the back off a Galaxy phone. When it loses its stickiness, a quick rinse in soapy water brings back most of it.

I sent my son out with it mounted to the windshield of the truck. He thought it was great until a text popped up.

"I wasn't going to answer the text but it still took my attention away too long from driving," Clay says. "For that reason, I don't want to use it for my phone."

Maybe this mount will work better for the GPS. Compared with the mount issued with the GPS, this is longer and holds the GPS further from the window. However, the box warns that it's not good in cold weather. So, between keeping the polymer clean and bringing it in at night, we will see how long I baby it before tossing it into the pile called "almost great ideas."

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