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Back Seat Protector by Apramo

  • Price: $4.98 and $9.98
  • Available at: Wal-Mart

There's those awkward months between when the baby is in the rear facing car seat and the stage when the toddler stops putting her feet on the back of the seat in front of her. The kicking is annoying, but it's grime and mud that transfers from the shoes and boots that leaves a lasting impression.

Leather seats wipe up, but what about the muck that gets ground into a fabric seat? There are many seat back protectors on the market but why spend more than you have to? Wal-Mart offers a cheap remedy to the problem.

Apramo Back Seat Protectors come in two varieties: A clear plastic sheet with a funny little lion face that will probably turn into a target for toes; or the plastic-coated fabric with the same little lion. The fabric version comes with a mesh pocket at the top – perfect for small toys. Both protectors have an adjustable tether that loops around the headrest and two elastic tethers at the bottom to hook under the seat. The protector hugs the seat and does its job to protect the seat back.

It can probably be used for years, until the teen who never learns to keep her feet off the seat moves out.

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