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Juno Power has created the Junojumper – a pocket-sized portable external battery that can charge your cellphone, tablet or car. Seriously, your car. The sleek blue box looks like a smartphone but has a 6000mAh lithium battery that can produce a 12-volt output at a peak of 300 amps. It even comes with a mini set of jumper cables. The Junojumper packaging says that's enough to jump-start a four- or six-cylinder engine.

The skeptics in the house didn't believe the packaging. They popped the leads off the battery terminals on a 2006 Honda Civic and followed the simple directions to attach the cables. To their amazement, the car started easily. So they did it again. Same thing. It started.

The indicator on the Junojumper shows that the power is gobbled up quickly using the jumpers so don't expect it to do more than three or four jump-starts without needing a recharge. And, when you aren't using it to jump-start a car or motorcycle, the other ports will charge your camera, phone or tablet – but not the laptop.

Considering how small it is, it's an impressive addition to any road trip.

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