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Sengled Pulse LED and Wireless Speakers

That boom box from the 1980s takes up way too much space on your workbench. It's time to toss that relic out and reach for the ceiling. The Sengled Pulse is not just a light, it's an amazing speaker that will make your garage the envy of the car club and give you space for more important things like – more gadgets.

The Sengled Pulse comes as a pair of lights/speakers that will not be the butt of any lightbulb joke. Screw them into a standard socket, pair them to your smart device via Bluetooth and enjoy the intense light and brilliant sound. It's that simple. Download the app to control the lights, music and volume from your phone.

The energy-efficient LED lights are rated for 25,000 hours. Inside the lamps are 1.75-inch full-range high-fidelity JBL speakers that will flood the garage with awesome sound. Listen to your own playlist or the baseball game while your head is under the hood. The only downfall is the short range of the Bluetooth, but that shouldn't be a problem in any regular-size garage. Two greasy thumbs up on this gadget – you might have to get two more for the kitchen.

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