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Hitching up the trailer is always an effort without backup cameras. Alone, you constantly jump in and out of the vehicle to see if you are close. Even with a spouse or helper, there is the chance of misunderstood directions ending in a quiet ride home. Easy-Hitch eliminates wasted time and frustration.

Easy-Hitch for The Globe and Mail Joanne Elves for The Globe and Mail

Easy-Hitch was the brainstorm of Jack Julicher of Bowmanville, Ont., and was featured in the third season of Dragons Den. Easy-Hitch is a pair of magnetic telescopic poles with candy-red tops. Extending the poles and twisting the red tops activates flashing lights. One pole goes on the vehicle's ball-hitch while the other goes on top of the trailer's hitch-cap. As you back the vehicle, aim so the flashers come together. When the ball goes under the hitch-cap, the pole falls over and your trailer will be lined up to drop on the hitch.

The pair come with batteries and retract to fit in the glove box – ready for the next time you want to avoid frantic arm-waving, finger-pointing and fights.

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