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Black & Decker 20V Platinum Flex Vac

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Price: $149

Some people are fortunate to have motorhomes the size of semi-trailers. As they drive by at the campground, I dream of the closet space they have compared to what I have – in my tent.

What they might like that I have is the new cordless Black & Decker 20V Platinum Flex hand-held vacuum. I don't use it in the tent, but it does do a great job of cleaning the truck.

Testing it after a weekend in the woods proved that it has power to pull up pine needles, dog hair and sand – three things I hate after a weekend away. The long hose (more than a metre) made it so that the body sat on the floor while the nozzle worked through the tight spaces under the seats.

What I really like and I bet the motorhome crowd will like, too, is how compact it stores. The hose coils around the body and the tidy unit perches on the tray that charges it and keeps the tools organized.

The battery, is supposed to stay charged for at least 18 months (and cleans for at least 15 minutes in a single use). It could definitely fit in the space under a trailer seat, leaving the enviable closets empty.

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