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Turtle Wax ICE Premium Car Care Heavy Duty Floor Mat and Carpet Cleaner

  • Available: At Canadian Tire
  • Price: $11.99

Someone dropped a milkshake in the car. Someone thought just wiping the floor mats with napkins would be good enough to clean the spill. That someone found out how smelly milk products are when a car is left in the sun for a few days. And, that someone got to test the Turtle Wax ICE heavy duty cleaner.

The combination of a dried-up milkshake with the pebbles and grit of winter was a mess. But the ICE product and elbow grease did the job. First, she hosed off the pebbles but the trough ridges in the floor mat were gooey with milk, road salt residue and grit. She sprayed the foam generously and used the built-in scrub brush to dig into the troughs.

The elbow grease was an important factor and there were complaints that the bristle head was awkward and would spin a bit. But a splash of water and a damp cloth proved her efforts were valiant. The mats came out spotless. The ridges and tough corners were clean.

The label says it's left a strong barrier to prevent solids from bonding. We'll see.

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