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The Princess Auto mats.

Traction mats

  • Available at: Princess Auto and Canadian Tire
  • Price: $17.99 or $49.99

Drifted in or plowed under – getting the auto out from under a crust of snow can be challenging. Here are two different traction systems that might be handy to have stowed away in your trunk.

Princess Auto has a pair of bright orange polypropylene mats that fold out two feet in length. Made by Powerfist, they are $17.99. They look okay but if there is lots of snow they may not catch your tires.

Over at Canadian Tire is the $49.99 Grab-A-Tire Folding Steel Traction system that looks sturdy. The pair of orange painted bear-trap claw looking mats are made of steel. They unfold to a length of 21 inches with the claw grip in the snow. You simply drive over the cross bars to escape. Because it folds, it might work better on those days when you've spun your tires enough to create deep ruts that no amount of rocking will set you free. It all packs back into the plastic box for tidy storage.

There is always a bag of kitty litter for the ice but that leaves the cat with no place to go.

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