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my car: shaun majumder

Shaun Majumder and his fiancee Shelby Fenner and his Toyota Tacoma.Ann Johansson/The Globe and Mail

Shaun Majumder

Profession: Comedian

Age: 40

Hometown: Burlington, Nfld.

The truck: 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Notable achievements

  • Three-time Gemini-award winner
  • Launched his TV career as a host on YTV
  • Hosted Just for Laughs Comedy Festival TV series for three years
  • Had TV roles in Unhitched, 24, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, Detroit 1-8-7, The Firm, Republic of Doyle, Robson Arms, Hatching, Matching and Dispatching


  • Majumder Manor series premiere on January 7 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on W Network
  • Regular cast member of This Hour has 22 Minutes on CBC


He came from humble beginnings in the tiny town of Burlington, Nfld. – population 350. But Shaun Majumder left The Rock, travelling the world as a stand-up comic and TV actor.

Now he returns to his roots with big plans, hoping to rejuvenate his rural hometown by building a five-star eco-friendly hotel on it. And he chronicles his adventures in the new TV series, Majumder Manor, which premieres on W Network this January. Clearly, Majumder cares more about investment properties than cars. He still drives a 2002 Toyota Tacoma truck.

Why did you buy a Tacoma?

I've had the Tacoma since 2003. I bought it almost new. It had 5,000 miles on it when I got it. This writer had it and I was working on her show. I was making some money, big money. So what do I do? I splurge. I buy a 2002 Toyota Tacoma, going from my 1990 Volkswagen Golf with a cracked windshield. It [the Golf] was pretty hot. I met my baby [his fiancee, Shelby] in it. Pretty hot. Picked her up on the first date: 'You ready to party girl? You've met the guy of your dreams.' Beep. Beep. Off we went.

This is my girl – she's getting out. 'Hey, watch out you don't trip over the hockey equipment!' Sand is everywhere from going to the beach. But I surf. We're active and we go out a lot. I'm very happy with it. It's red with a ding in the back.

Did you cross shop it against a Ram or Ford F-150 pickup?

No. I didn't want anything monstrous. The Tacoma is a half cab. It's not too huge or giant. It's a good, sporty vehicle. It was kismet when I saw it.

But it's 10 years old. Shouldn't you be driving something newer?

Why would I buy a new car? It's the worst investment in the whole world. Why would I buy something that depreciates as soon as you take it off the lot? It's a waste of money. Besides, I love my truck. I love Toyota. I'll drive the Tacoma until it dies. Functionality wise, it's awesome. The truck is great for loading stuff up. I go to Home Depot all the time.

What don't you like about it?

The worst thing about the Tacoma is it gets 17 miles to the gallon. That's shitty. Shelby and I drove across the country from L.A. to Detroit and ended up paying $160-180 bucks in gas every time, all of the way.

Now, if I did upgrade to another car it's got to be a hybrid – it's got to be good on gas. That's important whatever it is.

Are you a car guy? Do you know what's under the hood?

I know it's a 6-litre and I know it's bad on gas. I know it's got an off-road suspension which is great. It's the TRX. And that's it.

Have you ever gone off-roading with it?

Not fully. I've done a bit in Deep Creek Falls, but not like recreational Pismo beach [sand dunes] – no crazy stuff.

What does a Toyota Tacoma say about you?

Obviously, I don't care very much about money. It's an awesome truck. I'm proud of my truck. I'm very functional. I'm very practical. Everything I do is practical for the most part. I have the Tacoma in L.A., a place I like to go surfing. And I like to rough it. I'm not precious about anything. I don't care what people think, obviously. It's functional and it's great.

What was your first car?

It was a powder-blue Hyundai Stellar. The electric windows didn't work and, when you turned on the heat, it smelled like pancakes. I went from Mississauga to Wasaga on empty one time. I'll never forget it. Then, I bought a car off my ex-girlfriend – the 1990 Volkswagen Golf that I picked up Shelby in for the first time. It was a chick magnet. I pull up to a curb and I'm driving a shitty car and a girl looks at me and goes, 'I don't think so.' Bye bye. I have no time for you. I have no time for a girl who judges me by my car.

What's your best and worst driving story?

Going through Utah was pretty scary when we drove back across the country in Shelby's [Toyota] Prius and nearly ran out of gas. There's a long stretch – 120 miles – in Utah where there's nothing. We get up to the top and I literally coasted for about 10-12 miles – throwing it in neutral, every now and then giving it a little boost. It was all downhill. I had to brake to slow down. And there was no cell reception. We got to the gas station just in time – that was stressful.

I'm one of those guys that like to drive all of the time. I've driven across the country twice. Those are great memories.

What do you listen to on the road?

Audio books. We just read Cradle to Cradle. If I have an audition I'm rehearsing lines, too.

What's your driving style? Do you like to drive fast?

Yes. I got a fake speeding ticket. It was a fraud in Costa Rica. They pull you over and do their thing: 'You can get off this ticket if you just give me some money.' And really, we were doing nothing wrong, but they say you were. Then we get pulled over an hour later for the same scam, I might add. Shelby spoke back to the guy and said, 'No. Take it to the court house – go right now.' They were like, 'No, it's okay. You're free to go.'

If I could bring you the keys to any vehicle, what would it be?

My dream car would be in the world of Range Rover – maybe an Evoque. If I had a shit ton of cash to buy it outright I'd probably buy a 3-4 year old Range Rover that's awesome and still has all of the bells and whistles. An accountant told me never to buy a brand new car. This is a guy who was trying to help me build wealth.

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