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step by step

1. Position the working car next to the car with the dead battery. Make sure they're close enough for the cables to reach both batteries, but they shouldn't be touching.

2. Turn off the engine in both cars, and turn off all accessories

3. Find the positive and negative posts on both batteries. The positive usually has a red positive sign.

4. Attach the booster cables - making sure the ends never touch

5. Make sure the connections are solid and don't cross the terminals.

  • Attach the RED clamp to the positive post on the dead battery
  • Then put the other red clamp on the positive post on working battery
  • Black clamp to neg post on working battery
  • Black clamp on negative post on the dead battery.

6. Fire up the engine on the working vehicle, letting it run for a few minutes. Then turn off the engine. Never attempt to start the other vehicle while the good vehicle is still running.

6. Start the vehicle with the dead battery. Let it run for a few minutes so it can fully recharge.

7. Remove the booster cables in the reverse order

8. Store your booster cables in your car at all times.

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