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rob's garage

Rob, I have a lot of very small dings on the windshield that are virtually impossible to see. However, when I drive into the sunrise or sunset they sparkle like the milky way and make it more difficult to see the road ahead.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

Mike, Nova Scotia

Not only is a pitted windshield annoying, it's dangerous as well. As you no doubt have found out, sun glare through these pits refracts everywhere making it next to impossible to watch the road while driving into the sun. I can empathize because the windshield on a used car I purchased last year had the same issue, and it had wiper streaks in the glass to boot.

The short answer to your question Mike is yes, you can salvage your glass by polishing it. Check out your nearest auto parts store, you'll find many glass polishes designed exactly for your car's problem. I can say from experience that they work because I polished my own windshield with success. Those that are now pooh-poohing this advice are probably those who have used abrasive cleaners like Bon-Ami or Comet. I would not recommend using anything abrasive on glass – stick to the polishes designed for the job.

Mike, you might have to purchase an electric polisher, but if you do, you can continue to use it to polish your car.

I would also suggest using the polish on outside glass around your house, or if you have a deck that uses glass panels, this polish will remove hard water stains also.

Give this a try Mike. The next time you're out in your car, the only way you'll see the Milky Way is at night, the way it was meant to be viewed.

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