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lorie kane

Lorie Kane

Lorie Kane

Profession: Professional Golfer

Age: 46

Hometown: Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Notable achievements

  • 1996, rookie of the year on the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour
  • Four LPGA career victories: 2000 Michelob Light Classic, New Albany Golf Classic, Mizuno Classic, 2001 LPGA Takefuji Classic
  • Four 4 LPGA career holes-in-one
  • Career Earnings/Rank: $6,716,288 (14th all time)
  • Charitable events include hosting an annual tournament to benefit KidSport PEI and the ALS PEI Foundation


  • July 28-31: Women's British Open, Carnoustie Golf Links, Hoylake, England.


She's one of Canada's top female pro golfers. P.E.I. native Lorie Kane is gearing up to tee off at the Women's British Open, the Safeway Classic and the CN Canadian Women's Open.

On the green, she wears the Canadian flag proudly. On the road, she drives only North American-built vehicles from Ford. Even though Ford isn't her sponsor, she has always owned one. In Florida, she drives a 2010 Ford Edge and in P.E.I. her ride is a 2005 Ford Mustang GT convertible.

Why did you buy a Mustang?

I'm very much a Ford girl. I turned 40 when the car turned 40. The original Mustangs came out in December of '64 and I would have loved to have gotten a vintage car, but I really didn't know my way around vehicles that well.

And Ford at the time had just come out with the 2005 version - they redid the Steve McQueen model. So I got one. It was a happy birthday to me, from me, love me.

But shouldn't you have the Mustang convertible in Florida and the Edge in P.E.I.?

I'm a practical person. I'm out in the sun so much - the cool breeze and the nice sun up here is a bit different than that intense heat in Florida. I couldn't see myself having a convertible down there.

But I love my Edge. It has enough room for five people and all my golf clubs and everybody else's. It was in the Ford family so it was a no-brainer to me.

Do you know what's under the hood?

Oh Lord. I think it's got 350 horsepower. It's the fast one - a V-8. I went automatic instead of a five-speed because they basically told me I'd never get it out of second - I'd most likely rip the tires off of it!

It's a very powerful car. It's awfully fast. It's my toy.

What's the best feature on it?

It's the convertible. I always wanted one. It's fire-engine red with red leather seats. My friends joke because they say you can see me coming and going.

What's the worst feature?

In the 2011 and 2012 Mustangs, the cockpit is a little bit different. Mine is not quite as glamorous as the new version. If I could change that, I would.

Also, I don't have the new Sync system in my vehicle. And we are a cell-free province unless you have hands-free - that would be something I'd like to change.

What does a Mustang say about you?

It says I like the history behind the Mustang.

I've read enough about the Ford family and how it all got started. I attribute all of my success to my roots. When I saw that they redid the vehicle, but still kept that retro look to it - that vintage feel, it tells me about myself that I love the past and the past carries forward to the future.

Does it have the personality of a golfer - does it like the limelight?

I think it does. To be honest, I've looked at the newer version of it, thinking I should upgrade. But I don't think I should ever get rid of this.

I have five nieces - some are old enough now to drive it. I think it's something the girls in our family will enjoy in the future so I'll probably keep it.

What's your favourite driving road?

Driving a Mustang along the north shore in P.E.I. is really nice - there's a bit of open air and a place to stretch your muscles, so to speak.

I'm not a speedster, but there's nothing like stepping on that acceleration because it really pulls you back into the car and you feel like part of the road.

Any speeding tickets with it?

No. No tickets. You stand out - especially with a license plate that says LGOLFER.

What do you listen to on the road?

I listen to everything. I enjoy music.

Music is the centre of my soul. It can put me in a good mood and, if I'm hyped up, it can calm me down depending on what type of music I'm listening to. It can motivate me.

I like easy listening music when I'm heading to the golf course. If I was getting ready to go out with a night out with friends, I'd be cranking the tunes.

Do you sing behind the wheel, too?

Absolutely! I guess you haven't heard me in some of my travels.

I remember when I first jaunted out on my own heading down to Florida: I swear I was live and in concert for the 30 hours I was travelling.

My other trucks, the Navigator and Explorer, had some good sound systems and I would sing along. Now, in my car in the Edge in Florida I have XM. I listen to the '70s, '80s, and '90s and I'm bellowing out the latest hits.

What's your best and worst driving memory?

For me, the best driving memory was the first time I ventured out on my own to get to Florida. My very first car was a red Ford Explorer and it didn't have all the bells and whistles, but it got me to where I had to go and it was mine.

And then my second Explorer I was two days from getting ready to leave P.E.I. and I ran into the back of somebody who was turning and I didn't see. I banged up the front of my truck.

I know the Ford dealer well. Because I was home they fixed it up for me and I was on the road and it didn't deter me from getting on my schedule.

My first accident is probably my worst memory and my first time getting myself to Florida on my own in my truck was a brave accomplishment when I think back on it.

If I could bring you the keys to any vehicle, what would it be?

Where I live in Florida the guys drive some of the coolest cars from Bentleys to Maseratis. I love the look of them, but for me, I'm just a trucker. I like what I like.

The practical side of me would say - if someone is going to give me the keys to something I want, right now I want a Ford F-150.

I would just have a hard time deciding what colour. It would be red or black.

The interview has been edited and condensed.