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Yada Backup Sensor System


Buying a gizmo or gadget for any woman in your life who happens to be a mother is not an easy task. Even if you find the right item, it's probably not going to be the only thing you have to get her. But if you are looking for something that might help give her some peace of mind behind the wheel, one of these might do the trick.

Yada Backup Sensor System

  • $74.99 (On sale)
  • Pro install varies by location
  • Available at: Canadian Tire

If you have a car that already has backup sensors, then this won't apply to you, but if it's something you'd like add to your wife's or mother's vehicle, then this could work out well for all involved.

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The product is made up of a series of sensors that Yada says don't require you to drill holes into your bumper. That might be good for cosmetic reasons, but it might make you wonder if the sensors can stay in place for a full 12 months of crazy Canadian weather. The sensors are surprisingly resilient, and the beeper module works fine inside the car.

However, the feedback some consumers posted on the Canadian Tire website is pretty accurate. Yada's backup sensor doesn't work with metal bumpers, and the DIY install might not turn out as well as a pro one. Expect to pay at least $100 for the installation from Canadian Tire, but they do a good job.

Brandmotion Curb Alert Pro

  • $249.99
  • Available at: Independent 12V retailers

This is a unique sensor that helps drivers refrain from denting or otherwise scraping the front bumper or front end when parking next to a curb. You might also be able to keep your rims free of any scuffs or scratches this way, too.

The sensor installs right in the middle under the front bumper, and uses LED infrared technology to measure the distance from the curb or any other obstacle at a 180-degree angle. Brandmotion has put the sensor in a weatherproof housing, so it should be able to handle the elements, though it's probable that snow banks along a curb will confuse it.

This is a pretty new product, so it doesn't have wide distribution, but independent car audio and 12V retailers can probably get their hands on one and install it. It's also pretty universal in that it can be installed on anything from a family vehicle to a pricier sports car.

BearView Infant Mirror

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  • $39.99
  • Available at:

Despite the name, this is available in either a bear or monkey design, and its purpose is to give the driver a clear view of a baby in a rear-facing booster seat via the 7-inch circular mirror. The bear or monkey design that wraps around it, of course, is meant to keep the infant occupied.

Cheekymonkey sells the BearView and they market it as a dual-use item because you can fasten it to a crib to entertain your child at home, and then take it along for the ride in the car. Attaching this to a backseat shouldn't be difficult and there's more than one option to do it.

You just have to position it as high as you need to so you can actually see it, meaning that the headrest is the best option. If you want to put it lower, or use the middle seat, the instructions flat out suggest that you use a rolled towel and a safety pin. How well it fits may also depend on the vehicle you're driving.

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