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Peter Cheney in his first car, a 1967 Fiat 600
Peter Cheney in his first car, a 1967 Fiat 600

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Peter Cheney's first car was a 1967 Fiat 600, an Italian economy model that was dwarfed by a VW Beetle. He had just moved to Belgium with his family, and for a sixteen year old, its 35 horsepower engine was more than enough.

Peter Cheney's first car was a bare-bones Fiat... with diplomatic licence plates

Zooming through the streets of Brussels in a car with the power of a good ride-on lawn mower, Mr. Cheney's Fiat had one impressive feature: diplomatic plates. Every ride was flat-out. No parking tickets. No speeding infractions - if the little car could even go that fast?

Those license plates would also come in handy when visiting his girlfriend, the daughter of Donald Rumsfeld, then the U.S. ambassador to NATO. They were the ticket to get past the police roadblocks guarded by gendarmes with submachine guns.

Even though he would later drive some of the most expensive and powerful cars in the world, nothing compares to your first set of wheels.

Peter Cheney was online earlier to talk about your first cars. You can read the discussion by clicking on the box below.

We want to see your first set of wheels! Send a photo of your first car, and we'll publish a selection on this page in the days ahead.

<iframe src="http://www.coveritlive.com/index2.php/option=com_altcaster/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=c063cecc28/height=650/width=600" scrolling="no" height="650px" width="600px" frameBorder ="0" allowTransparency="true" ><a href="http://www.coveritlive.com/mobile.php/option=com_mobile/task=viewaltcast/altcast_code=c063cecc28" >Talking about first cars with Peter Cheney</a></iframe>

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