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Columnist Peter Cheney's mother, Tharon Cheney, in his Fiat 600 (which she later backed into a ditch) (Peter Cheney/Peter Cheney)
Columnist Peter Cheney's mother, Tharon Cheney, in his Fiat 600 (which she later backed into a ditch) (Peter Cheney/Peter Cheney)

Readers respond

Your favourite stories about your mothers and driving Add to ...

Last week, in honour of Mother's Day, we had Peter Cheney (My loving mother was the worst driver. Ever) and Dianne Nice (Mom traded a 1967 Mustang for motherhood and a Pinto. "Regrets?") tell us about their Moms.

We then asked our readers to send their favourite stories about Mom and driving. Here are a few of our favourite replies.

My Dad was stationed for years at Camp Petawawa, Ontario and my Mom, who had 7 kids to chauffeur around all day usually drove my Dad to work at the base. One morning away they went and she stopped along the edge of an 3 foot embankment by a huge parade square where row after row of uniformed soldiers were being put through their paces. My Dad got out and my Mom tried to pull away and things went downhill from there. Our puppy decided to try to go after my Dad and got wedged between the steering wheel and the gear shift lever and Mom was forced to turn the wheel the opposite direction to free the puppy. Unfortunately the turn was just enough to make the car go nose down over the embankment and it landed on its side, trapping my unhurt mother inside. Immediately hundred of soldiers surged to the rescue of the lady in distress. However, my Mom did not want to be rescued and put up quite a fight, which she lost. You see, she was dressed in only a nightgown and had curlers in her hair as she was successfully rescued and stood up amid a crowd of soldiers with smiling faces. Who do you think was the most embarrassed? Mom? Dad? or the soldiers? To the family it is still funny today! - Mrs. Patricia Rainey Campbell River B.C.


One time my Mom was driving my sister and I out to our cottage in our van. I think I was around 12 and my sister was around 10. My sister and I were fighting the entire drive out to the cottage until we were on our cottage lane way and my Mom finally had enough. Mom started yelling at us to pipe down but in the process missed a turn in the road and ended up in the ditch.

Miraculously my sister and I immediately stopped fighting our Mom sat in a silent rage in the driver seat. The next car to go down the lane luckily had chains and was able to pull us out.

We quickly named the corner "Dead Woman's Corner" and thankfully are able to all laugh about it now. - Chris, Renfrew, Ontario


Mom backed up till she"hit"something(usually a tree)then ahead. Arthritis made it difficult to look back. No longer driving :) - Cliff McGrath via Twitter


Listening to soft rock on the way to school. Singing along. Ruining Van Morrison for me forever. - Stephen Smysnuik via Twitter


Mom was screaming along in her Simca's 3rd gear and turned to me to ask if there was another gear. - Kenneth Wade Johns via Twitter


My daughter might argue that title goes to me. - Mary Ellen Davis via Twitter


Sitting in the back while my dad taught her standard. Husbands should never ... I repeat never teach their wives this skill! OMG she was terrible and bless her heart she never got any better! Subsequently, mothers that can't drive standard should not teach their teenage daughters either! On a lighter note ... Belting out Roxannne ... The Police ... enroute to the cottage! Best mom ever ... Lost her too young!


A few years ago I arrived at the Halifax airport from Toronto where my mother picked me up. She had just gotten back from a road trip to the states. Before her trip she picked up a new GPS to navigate her way around. She was very happy with her purchase to say the least.

As we pulled away from the airport parking lot she proceeded to tell me all about how valuable the GPS was, how much easier it made her solo trek through the north east. She was so happy about her purchase and even how well the 'sales clerk' had treated her and what a deal she got.

Well, a half an hour later of all places we pulled back up to the airport exactly where she had picked me up. - Matt Howe - Toronto

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