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If you're hoping to impress the ladies, we'd suggest avoiding these vehicles at all cost

"Wanted: Good woman. Must have own step ladder." Unless you're looking for a mate in the farthest, deepest hollows of the Ozarks, a truck with 50-inch tires isn't the best bet.

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Neon Dean's Oldsmobile Ciera epitomizes the Woman-Repeller car genre.Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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Neon Dean spent a lot of time and money on his unique vision, which includes gold windshield wipers, pink neon lights beneath the chassis and his name spelled out in pink neon.Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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Peter Cheney in one of the world's great Woman-Repeller vehicles, a Lotus 7 replica. Hair-destroying aerodynamics, rough ride and an exhaust pipe that hangs off the side like a red-hot branding iron mean that your first date will probably be your last.Peter Cheney

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The monster truck is a natural Woman-Repeller. Bear in mind that the man in this picture is billionaire Richard Branson, and that these women are with him because: (A) he's Richard Branson, owner of a private island, a worldwide empire, and a fleet of cars that women actually like, and (B) because they're professional models who will appear with a monster truck if the money is right. (Actually riding in it would cost more.)

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The home-made custom car: great for attracting attention. Not so great for meeting women whose education extends beyond elementary school.Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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The AMC Gremlin attracts only a certain type of woman. The car's irony is lost on most.Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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The modified Jeep with long-horn suspension kit and pup-tent top is brilliant off-road. But don't take it on a first date.Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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Some women like cars that keep it real. This is too real.Peter Cheney

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The Lotus Exige: It will blow you away on a race track or a winding road. And it will kill your chances of a second date thanks to its narrow door slots, rock-hard seats and the supercharger that's mounted right behind the passenger's head.Peter Cheney

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The Italian studmobile can go either way. Some women will instantly reject you as an arrogant, overcompensating pension-raider who frequents online pharmacies. Others will be attracted to it like bees to honey. Unfortunately, many of the women in this second group will be gold-diggers who will fleece you out of the pension-raiding fortune you worked so hard for.Peter Cheney

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1932 Ford replica hot rod in Vermont. The owner spent over $50,000 and two years on his unique creation. His friends all love it but the exposed exhaust and chopped top make it a woman-repeller.Peter Cheney

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Customized Ford Transit van owned by Peter Cheney's hang gliding buddy Rex. Few women are attracted to a van with pirate logos and a roof-mounted torpedo. (Rex is awesome, though - ladies, you need to try and get past the car)Peter Cheney, Peter Cheney

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When it comes to repelling women, no car can match a single-seat chopper motorcycle. No heater. No windshield. No second seat. Your first date will be your last.

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