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This year, Acura celebrates 25 years of sales in Canada. Take a tour of their back catalogue with our photo gallery

The car that started it all: the 1987 Legend.Honda

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The 1991 Legend, a prototype for Acura's current line-up of performance sedans.Honda

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The 1986 Integra. The Integra brought formula One-inspired engineering to Canadian roads.Honda

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The 1994 Integra. The quintessential Integra, the Type R, topped Evo Magazine's list of the best front-wheel-drive cars of all time.Honda

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The 1991 NSX, the world's first all-aluminum production car.Honda

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The 2005 EL. The EL was the first Acura built exclusively for Canadian roads.Honda

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The 2005 RL. The RL was the first Acura to feature keyless entry.Honda

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The 2012 RL. The RL was also the first vehicle to feature the Drive-By-Wire Throttle System.Honda

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The 1999 TL. The TL was the first vehicle with dual-stage driver and passenger side airbags.Honda

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The 2012 TL, the most powerful Acura ever.Honda

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The 2001 MDX, Acura's benchmark for luxury SUVs.Honda

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The 2012 MDX, built in Alliston, Ontario.Honda

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