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Ted Kritsonis has some ideas on what to give your favourite car nut

Yada Tiny Traveler Baby Monitor: Think of this as a back-up camera for your kids. This uses the same technology, but focuses instead on a baby or toddler sitting in the backseat. The DIY install includes a 3.5-inch colour monitor (with night vision) that suctions onto the windshield, plus straps attached to the camera that wrap around the headrest. Unfortunately, there is no way to integrate the monitor into an existing back-up camera setup. ($119.99 / Available at: Canadian Tire)

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Black and Decker 4-Volt Max Gyro Screwdriver: Naturally, you wouldn’t only use this in a car or garage, but the handiness of this tool makes it applicable to anyone. The built-in gyroscope controls the variable speed of the screwdriver based on how much you twist your wrist, so there isn’t any serious manual labour involved. It comes with two bits (flat and Philips) and the four-volt lithium battery carries a charge for up to 18 months. ($39.99 / Available at: Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Hardware and

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Parrot Minikit Neo: Great call quality, voice recognition and connecting to two phones at once makes this a solid hands-free purchase. If you have a phone with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip inside, Bluetooth pairing only requires that you tap the two together. It can apply voice recognition apps, like Siri or S Voice, including Magic Words for voice commands, and a useful Neo app for Android and iOS. ($99.99 / Available at: The Source)

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Griffin MOTO TC Monster: This Bluetooth-controlled monster truck uses an iOS device and free MOTO TC app that lets you drive it in four different ways. It has a four-wheel independent suspension and a rechargeable NiMH battery pack, along with the option to go to Griffin’s website and print free racetrack accessories and obstacles, like paper-made tracks to race on and vehicles to crush. ($59.99 / Available at:

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GPS navigation apps: Gifting smartphone apps is much easier now than ever, and in case you have a loved one that needs to find their way around, there is no shortage of navigation apps to gift. TomTom, Garmin, Magellan, CoPilot – take your pick. Most of them are available on iOS, while there are a smattering of options on the other platforms. Of course, there are also free ones (Waze, NavFree) that might appeal to them, too. (Between $4.99 and $59.99 / Available at: Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace, BlackBerry App World)

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SmartStart Remote Car Starter: This can pretty much work with any remote starter that is already installed in a vehicle, even the OEM ones. The claim to fame here is that you can manage everything using a specific app on your iOS, Android or BlackBerry. It’s useful for basic needs, but isn’t as deep as the Viper SmartStart system that includes more integration between the two sides. ($249.99 / Available at: Canadian Tire, Independent 12V retailers)

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Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset: For those that might prefer a Bluetooth headset, the ERA should be a good fit. It offers good sound, plenty of features and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Plus, you can keep tabs on its battery life through the icon that shows up on your iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. The headset can be updated on a PC or Mac, and the MyTalk platform extends usability to speech recognition and calendar integration. ($119.99 / Available at: Future Shop, Best Buy)

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