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A gallery of guilty parkers (Now with even more bad parking!)

Too many shoppers and too few spots is a recipe for driver frustration -and not everybody plays nice, writes Dianne Nice. If you have a photo to add to this gallery, please e-mail it to, or tweet to @Globe_Drive.

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Tom Maloney

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This was taken at the Fairfield Plaza on Fairfield Road in Victoria, which is always very busy so parking is at a premium. I guess this character was well aware that a Hummer is too big to fit into just one of these "SMALL CAR" spaces so the solution was obviously to use TWO "SMALL CAR" spaces! The "Lazy Susan's" sign to the left was fitting!!

Darryl Gittins

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Here is some bad parking taken @ Hillcrest Community Center in Vancouver on Nov 22, 2013.

David Marshall

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Parked in handicap spot with no tag... karma in the form of 1,000 bird sh**s

Elizabeth Boychuk

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Note the dent at the back of the poorly-parked car. Perhaps not their first parking mishap? Taken at a shopping centre at Walker's Line and Dundas in Burlington, ON.

Alexander Bosika

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Three cars into two parking spaces gets you ticket, even if you CAN fit! (Granville St., Halifax).

Gordon Traynor

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Danielle Boudreau/The Globe and Mail

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A new parking space at Costco (Toronto).

Peter Tkaczuk

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Quinte Mall Belleville ON. "A little overprotective I would say. Go park in the very back corner of the mall parking lot and walk the distance if you do not want your car damaged."

Dulyn Kamminga

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At the Victoria General hospital in Halifax.

Devaan Ingraham

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Loblaws grocery store, near St. Clair and Bathurst in Toronto.

Dr. Sylvia Asa

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Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail

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Misty Tsilimidos came out of a grocery store in Orangeville, Ont., to find a car parked way over the line and touching her bumper.

Misty Tsilimidos

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It’s raining and windy, but surely nobody else would like a good parking spot near the door?

Danielle Boudreau/The Globe and Mail

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I took this one at a Toronto GO train station. The driver parked in the aisle and that's a ticket on the windshield.

Dianne Nice/The Globe and Mail

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Jorge Ardila

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AMC Gremlin

Danielle Boudreau/The Globe and Mail

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Danielle Boudreau/The Globe and Mail

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Jorge Ardila

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Kings University College (Western University) - London, Ontario

Paul Lytwynec

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It's like the lines aren't even there at all

Alicia Newman

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Matte pink Mercedes-Benz across 2 spots. Vancouver... Where else?

Jason Cowie

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The parking lot of the grocery store in Bayers Lake Business Park - Halifax Had to do a double take.

Morgan Armstrong

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This car is taking two curb spots near Wilfrid Laurier University, where parking is scarce.

Mohit Verma

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Hamilton - I was in white van, could not get in passenger door.

Scott Farmer

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On Parliament Hill this past week

Leslie Scott

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Ang Dawson

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Fairview Mall in Toronto

Jp Dhanoa

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Bedford Commons Shopping Center Halifax, not many Jaguars in this neck of the woods... you'd think they'd try harder not to get singled out!

Jessica Berry

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Peanut Plaza in Toronto

Ken Lim

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Using a handicap spot plus another.

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