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Nissan tiny cartoonish Pike cars, produced in limited numbers, are appreciated as forerunners of other high-style retro vehicles such as the Mini, New Beetle and Fiat 500

First exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1985, the Be-1 was launched two years later in January, 1987, with the canvas top model (pictured) debuting in March. Production was limited and it was so popular that, at its launch, buyers were chosen by lottery.


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Nissan's "nostalgic modern" design featured rounded features typified by the headlights. The concept extended to the cabin interior, with its full-cloth knit upholstery and round ventilation grilles. Nissan claims its use of recyclable thermoplastic resin was a world first.


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Based on Nissan's Be-1, this custom-made open car was designed as a relief car for use at the Yokohama Stadium. The passenger seat is slightly raised. After debuting in 1987, it was used for about 2 years. Pitcher, Kazuhiro "Daimajin" Sasaki, who played for the Seattle Mariners (2000-2003), used this car when he was in Yokohama BayStars before he became a major leaguer.


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Launched in 1989 with the Pao, the S-Cargo's unique styling, with its large body, squat nose and high (1,230mm) roof made it popular. The spacious, table-type instrument panel has a large speedometer in the center, while the AT selector is located in the upper part of the center console.


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Nissan's playful yet practical S-Cargo was launched in 1989. As well as the standard roof, a canvas top was available. This vehicle's paintwork was designed by Masuo Ikeda (1934-1997), a versatile artist whose talents included sculpture and film direction.


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First exhibited in 1981 at the 24th Tokyo Motor Show, this 1,000cc FF model was named "March" after a public naming contest, and was officially launched in October 1982. Thanks to its lively performance, it did well in the motor sports arena, including such events as the Japan Rally Championship. Curb weight: 615 kg Engine: MA10 (4-cyl. in line, OHC), 987cc


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The first generation of Nissan's March was introduced in 1982. The popular car received its first design modifications for the 1985 year (pictured).


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2010 Nissan March, also known as the Micra, is sold in the Japanese market, as well as in South Africa, Oceania, and across Asia. Since its launch in 1982, 5.65 million of the vehicles have been sold worldwide. It has a 1.2L 3-cylinder engine and an "idling stop" system to help reduce gasoline consumption.


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