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Our Prototypes column introduces new vehicle concepts and presents visuals from designers who illustrate the ideas. Some of them will be extensions of existing concepts, others will be new, some will be production ready, and others really far-fetched.

The concept

The Subrocket is an electric bullet car inspired by the 1929 Silver Bullet. This streamlined semi-autonomous racer could become one of the fastest electric car in the 0 to 75 Kw category.

Images provided by Charles Bombardier

The background

Electric and autonomous cars are almost in our showrooms. Energy density in batteries is steadily improving along with the strength and durability of composite materials. With the Subrocket concept we are trying to envision a new generation of ‘bullet cars’ that would use these recent technological advances.

How it works

The Subrocket would pack a mid-mounted motor that would deliver up to 100hp to the rear wheels. There are no fenders on the torpedo-shaped vehicle to reduce drag as much as possible. The particular shape of the car will limit the seating position of the passengers it will improve speed and range.

The energy needed to power the Subrocket would come from Lithium-air batteries that would, in theory, pack as much energy as gasoline due to their very high energy density. (Close to 13 kW·h/kg). Interesting fact Lithium-air batteries have the potential of 5–15 times the specific energy of current lithium-ion batteries.

What it’s used for

With its torpedo shape similar to the Arrow and Hyperjolt concepts, the design of the Subrocket is unconventional to modern day super cars. The goal for the Subrocket is to become a scalable bench test that would lead ultimately to the creation of a series of smaller autonomous supercars mounted with 25, 50 and 75 Kw motors. Cars that could go faster and cover more distance when travelling across the country.

The Designer

The images of the Subrocket concept were created by Abhishek Roy. Abhishek is the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, a start-up design lab based in India. Abhishek’s team also created the renderings for the Dolfido submarine and the Korbiyor autonomous hearse.

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