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joanne elves

The Car Seat Key

Available at:

Price: US$12.99

After a relaxing appointment at the nail salon for a fresh coat of shellac, the last thing you want to do is chip the nail art while unbuckling the baby from the car seat. Pushing that red button takes four-to-six kilograms of pinpoint pressure. It can be a challenge for people with long nails or arthritis.

That was a complaint Kristin Riley constantly heard from clients at her salon in California. She spoke with her brother Mauro, and the two set out to create the Car Seat Key. After a couple years testing designs and materials, they came up with a winner.

The plastic modified U-shape gadget slips over the car seat buckle. With one or two hands, a gentle squeeze releases the buckle. It comes in many colours and with a key chain.

Check the Car Seat Key website for Canadian distributors or order online.

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