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In-car technology is reaching a tipping point, where a simple push or tap is enough to get a vehicle to do something highly advanced on its own. Automated technology is set for the roads of today, and here are five features to look for at the Toronto auto show.

CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple's CarPlay launched with a Pioneer aftermarket head unit in the fall, but it will be displayed alongside Google's Android Auto, both of which may be the start of a new-look infotainment experience. Designed to work with iPhones and Android phones, respectively, they are meant to simplify integrating features and apps in the car.

BMW i Remote App

The BMW i3 will offer Android Wear smartwatch integration as a standard feature to control its functions, like remote start and unlocking. Additionally, the doors can open or close automatically as the driver approaches or walks away, or instructs the car to find a parking spot with a simple tap.

Audi Laser High Beams

Audi has been experimenting with a hybrid lighting system of LEDs for regular headlights, and lasers for high beams that would enable the driver to see at least 1,500 feet ahead. The lasers are cast in blue light, but become white when coupled with a converter to mimic the look of the LED lights.


Available to the full line of Acura vehicles, the new suite of safety features includes forward collision warning and collision mitigation braking to act on unavoidable head-on collisions and lessen the impact. There's also adaptive cruise control for a smoother ride and blind spot and lane assist to cover the back and sides.

Ford SYNC 3

Ford's infotainment system has undergone a makeover that includes integration with Siri, Apple's voice assistant. It looks to be faster and more intuitive than previous versions, presenting a new interface and built-in WiFi to download updates from your home network when parked outside.

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