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I bought a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country minivan new and have never had any issues when pumping gas until recently. It takes forever to put gas in it now. It doesn't matter how slow I try to go, it keeps kicking off. Can you advise me on what to do? It does have 198,000 miles on it. – Mitchell

Forgetting to crack open the vent port on a portable jerry can while filling your lawn mower will result in an awkward, messy fill-up.

As fuel leaves the jerry can, outside air needs to enter the void where the fuel use to be, hence the need for the port to allow the air in.

The same principle is in play here, but in reverse.

As you pump gasoline into your vehicle, the existing air in the tank must exit the system as it is displaced by the fuel. When it doesn't exit properly, it is forced up the filler tube and the shut-off safety valve in the gas pump will be activated repeatedly.

Your vehicle has a venting system restriction somewhere.

Common corresponding repairs for your Town and Country are to clean or replace the charcoal canister vent filter, replace the fuel tank vent hose and possibly the complete fuel filler neck.

In some cases, the blockage can be within the fuel tank itself, requiring the entire tank to be replaced.

Solving this problem shouldn't be overly complicated, but it could be costly if the tank needs replacement.

Lou Trottier is owner-operator of All About Imports in Mississauga. Have a question about maintenance and repair? E-mail, placing "Lou's Garage" in the subject area.

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