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We asked, and you delivered! A selection of our readers' first vehicles

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2004 BMW 320i: I bought my first car 1 year into my first real job after undergrad. Driving it out of the dealership on Valentine's day was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Haleel Sarwar

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My first car. 1969 GTO, 400 cu in, high rise 4 barrel holley car. Lots of horsepower and just a great car. Unfortunately got totalled by a jack-knifed semi that tore the passenger side off the car.

Ev Altenhof

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Hillman Minx: I bought this field car for $35 when I was 12 and living on a small farm. Had a riot blasting around the fields with it, scaring my sisters or cousins. Ah youth! Such a great project for any boy.

Jeff Dolinsky

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Riding Sally: First car bought in 2005 in Vancouver, BC. Picture was taken in Tulum, Mexico. It made it all the way down to Honduras and back without major failure, although it had to be pushed started a few times!

Antoine Pomerleau

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1978 Chevy Monza


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1974 Mercury Cougar

Michael Flint

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My beloved 1959 Morris 850 (cost $350) died in 1966 on the way home from Tennessee and had to be towed to Weston by my dad. With a really blown engine, someone towed it away for $50. Sigh.....

Dave Kerfoot

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68 Mini Traveller: My first of five Minis including two race cars. It was a cool car to have as a teenager. Unfortunately, it rusted out, it would be very collectable today.

Joe Camilleri

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1972 Mini: My '72 Mini. I stuffed a 1300 in it with a Weber carb and pretended it was a Cooper S. If you revved it and popped the clutch in reverse it would do a little hop wheelie going backwards. Hilarious!

Michael Robinson

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1970 Cougar: She had a 4bbl/300HP 351Cleveland and was fast. The disappearing headlights were the trick, as were the sequential rear turn-signal lights - something Ford brought back on the new Mustang.

John Ansara

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1974 Capri: Purchased in 1980 when I was 17. Quick and sporty. Forced to sell after 1 year due to high insurance costs and replaced with my Dad's huge boat - a 1972 Chevy Biscayne. Ugh.

Colin McGuire

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1971 MG Midget: This is the car (and me) at the start of a move from Burlington to Vancouver in 1977. Actually, there was a 1963 Sprite for a couple of years before the midget but it looked about the same.

Michael Robert Morrow

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1962 GMC: Bought it when I was 15 and drove it around the farm. I’ve owned it for 32 years and still have it.

Mark Turney

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1960 NSU Prinz: The Prinz had a "crash transmission" with no synchromesh. You had to "double clutch" to avoid grinding the gears. Ha!

Eugene Moreau

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It was a 1960 VW 1200, purchased in 1963 from a VW dealership in Toronto for $1,200. I recall that it used to cost me one cent a mile to operate for fuel, as fuel was around 36 cents a gallon.

Trevor Smith

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My 1940 Mercury was a dream car, a bit old but still classy when it was handed down to me by my Uncle Jim. We’ve both continued to age well!

Michael Rothery

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1969 Chevy Van with a six cylinder engine. The engine cover made a great seat for a third person up front. Bed in the back. No seatbelts to worry about.

Justin Kase

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Berkeley B95: Back in 1960, my first wheels. A fibreglass Berkeley B95 weighed about 8 hundred weight, with a Royal Enfield twin air cooled engine went like the wind reaching "95 mph" (or so they said).

Les Brough

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My first car was this awesome 1956 Holiday 88 Coupe Oldsmobile. It had a 3 speed standard transmission. Colour was as it is seen in the photo

Edward Derksen

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My 1974 Olds Cutlass Supreme I bought in 1982 with 43,500 miles on it. I still own it today and drive it every summer.

Bernie Prinsen

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1972 Chevrolet: I got this car from the old man when he got a company car in ’79. Nice green colour. Yechhh!

Bill Gee

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1936 Morris 8 Tourer: My first car, bought in England in 1958, when I was 21. We drove the car extensively, including a European tour to Innsbruck, Austria. The car had a 6 volt system and had to be hand cranked

David E Salter

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My very 1st car came with my very 1st wife 39 years ago. An orange ’69 MGB GT with a sun roof and an 8 track loaded with Three Dog Night. Priceless except for the clutches and master cylinder and...

Larry Miller

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1938 Pontiac: Although this wasn’t my "first" car, it was certainly my most cherished and the one into which I put the most blood sweat and tears.

Richard Moore

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1959 Fiat 1100: Our family car from 1960 and on. My first car 1967-1970, was still on the road until the mid 1990’s in Cyprus.

Theodore H Djaferis

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My first car was a 1967 Beetle, bought in 1972, the summer I turned 16. Note the extra fog lamps - for all that high speed driving! Sold it to a friend, who took the body off and made a dune buggy!

Derek Fisher

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Model T Ford for 60 Rupees: This is my wife’s great-grandfather’s car, a Model T Ford purchased in British India for 60 Rupees. My wife is Seema Rawla and her great-grandfather is Bakshi Gulab Singh Oberoi.

Vimal Scott Kapoor

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1966 Dodge Chager, 383, 4 barrel, automatic, PS, PB. Bought in 1967, parked in 1979, and later sold. Driven for 145,000 miles (not kilometers). A great car comfortable and fast - hard on gas.

Henry Parsons

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