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The online classified site Kijiji is a place where one can look for jobs, houses, vacation rentals, twerking lessons, Isa red chickens or a dresser possessed by the spirit of an ex-girlfriend. But by far the biggest section on the site is autos. Ten years ago when the site first launched there were about 15,000 car ads and in 2014 there were more than 4.7 million. Kijiji has the largest inventory of cars in Canada and every month more than four million people visit the site to look for cars. In fact, the autos section is about a third of the traffic to the entire site. So after 10 years, we asked people who work at Kijiji about the weirdest and funniest vehicle ads they have ever seen on the site. Here are their top five:

An ad for this six-wheeled vehicle was posted last year in the Greater Montreal area.


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This ad posted in the Fredericton area in 2012 suggested it is “Canada’s most unique advertising vehicle.” It claimed to be built on a fully functional 1948 Willys Jeep with a wood from and aluminum sheet body.


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There is nothing special or unusual about this truck, but the key is in the description. It suggests the truck, unlike the Ford Ranger, has some “cojones” and it has been in an accident because it is “such a deer hunter’s dream that the animals literally throw themselves at the truck.” The buyer continues to say he is selling the “chick-magnet” of a truck because it is making his fiance jealous. “Buy this truck and you can feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you might have single-handedly saved our relationship.”


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This truck posted in Mississauga in 2013 looks like it is for hauling trash, but advertized as a zombie apocalypse survival vehicle.


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One seller in Alberta was looking to offload this fighter jet in 2014. It can’t be flown and is for display purposes only, according to the ad, but still had a list price of $1.5 million.


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