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The Jeep Wrangler has the best retained value by percentage of any vehicle in Canada, according to Canadian Black Book, the country's largest publisher of wholesale used-vehicle prices. This is the sixth year Jeep has won the SUV category as it retains 79 per cent of its manufacturers suggested retail price after four years. That figure is the highest ever since these awards have been announced. Toyota vehicles had rules retained values for the ninth straight year, with six first-place finishes, including wins for Tacoma and Tundra pickups in their respective categories and swept mid-size SUV with an average 71-per-cent retained value for Toyota FJ Cruiser, 4Runner and Highlander. The Canadian-made Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 came first and third respectively in the full-size group. The Charger's win is the first ever for a domestic in a mainstream category. Josh Bailey, Black Book's vice-president of research and editorial says it is evidence consumer confidence in newer products from the old Big Three may be growing. In luxury and high-end sports vehicles, it's Deutschland über alles. Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz models crowd the top spots. Korean auto makers are largely absent from the list despite growing market share and better products. The Kia Soul placed third in the sub-compact category. Here are the winners of each category and the retained value by percentage after four years.

Sub-compact car: Honda Fit, 54.1 per centHonda

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Compact car: Toyota Prius V, 56.7 per cent

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Mid-size car: Toyota Camry, 51.2 per cent

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Full-size car: Dodge Charger, 47.2 per cent

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Entry luxury car: Volvo XC70, 54.3 per cent

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Luxury car: Audi A7, 53.3 per cent

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Premium luxury car: Porsche Panamera, 59.2 per centPetrina Gentile/The Globe and Mail

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Premium sports car: Porsche Cayman, 73.5 per centPHIL McCARTEN/Reuters

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Sports car: Dodge Challenger, 61.2 per cent

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Small pick-up: Toyota Tacoma, 74 per cent

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Full-size pick-up: Toyota Tundra, 63.3 per cent

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Minivan: Honda Odyssey, 61.2 per cent

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Compact commercial van: Transit Connect, 50.2 per cent

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Compact SUV: Jeep Wrangler, 78.9 per cent

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Mid-size SUV: Toyota FJ Cruiser, 73 per cent

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Full-size SUV: Toyota Sequoia, 68 per cent

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Compact luxury SUV: Audi Q5, 62.3 per cent

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Mid-size luxury SUV: Porsche Cayenne, 72.4 per cent

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FUll-size luxury SUV: Audi Q7, 59.5 per cent

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