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2013 Infiniti G37x (Nissan)
2013 Infiniti G37x (Nissan)

Deals of the Week

Rich deals on the luxury rides Canadians aren't buying Add to ...

Canadians aren’t biting on the rich deals available on high-end luxury rides cars and pricey sports cars. Nope. We’re cheap.

Sales of super-expensive cars are off 18 per cent this year, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, while high-end sports cars are down 3.4 per cent. Overall, the luxury car segment, which includes more modestly priced premium cars, is down about 1.0 per cent this year. The total luxury car market through the end of June: 35,763.

The old saw about the wisdom of throwing in your line where the fish are biting applies here. And that’s why premium car brands in Canada have slapped some pretty rich deals on a number of entry-level luxury cars – the kind of premium rides Canadians are buying in reasonable numbers here in 2013.

Take what unhaggle.com CEO Andrew Tai points to as “a battle” between the Lexus IS and Infiniti G37…er, Infiniti Q50. Both are being completely renewed for the 2014 model and in the case of Infiniti, the Q50 marks the start of a complete top-to-bottom makeover of Nissan’s premium brand.

Tai also aims his “unhaggle” finger at the Cadillac CTS and Acura TL. Again, both are getting makeovers for 2014. That means four have big, fat deals on the leftover 2013 models. Sure, as Tai notes, the 2013 versions of this quartet are “last year’s” model, but they’re still very good and very affordable cars. Both the Lexus and the Infiniti are being offered with at least a $5,000 manufacturer’s incentive on cash purchases, while the Acura also has a $5,000 factory incentive in play and Caddy has $3,750 on the CTS – plus, of course, discounts that we can call the “Unhaggle” savings.

“Interestingly, Infiniti is exceptionally aggressive in western Canada (British Columbia and Alberta) with a $9,000 cash incentive offered on the G37 versus a still significant $5,000 offered in Ontario, as inventory levels of 2013 models is still high in anticipation of the 2014,” he says.

In other words, Infiniti is dealing on the G because dealers are over-stocked.

Luxury cars aside, Canadians buy a lot of inexpensive cars and compact cars dominate here. Tai says compact cars are in many cases looking like quite the bargain this summer – and if you are a new graduate, all the better. As he notes, “auto makers are aggressively competing in the compact segment with out-sized deals that can be stacked with new graduate discounts for those looking for their first car upon entering the working world.” Discounts greater than 10 per cent of MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) are worth noting and the two deals on compact cars noted this week achieve that standard.

The Chevrolet Cruze and Mazda3 compacts both have at least a $2,500 factory incentive on the table, plus other the “Unhaggle” savings and $400-$500 in extra discounts for new graduates.

Deals of the Week consulted with www.unhaggle.com and other sources on these offers, including www.carcostcanada.com. As usual, pricing information here is subject to change, so consult your dealer for all the final details, including expiry dates for all offers.

<p>2013 Infiniti G37x </p>

2013 Infiniti G37 Luxury AWD sedan

  • MSRP: $43,950
  • Freight, dealer prep, air conditioning tax, Green Levy: $2,130
  • Factory discount: $9,000 (cash purchases only)
  • Unhaggle Savings: $2,476
  • Total savings: $11,476
  • Taxable subtotal: $34,604
  • Total price with 13 per cent HST: $39,102.52

2012 Lexus IS 250 AWD

2013 Lexus IS 250 AWD sedan

  • MSRP: $38,050 · Freight, dealer prep and air conditioning tax: $2,130
  • Factory discount: $5,000 (cash purchases only)
  • Unhaggle savings: $2,018
  • Total savings: $7,018
  • Taxable subtotal: $33,162
  • Total price with 13 per cent HST: $37,473.06

Chevrolet Cruze RS

2013 Chevrolet Cruze LS 1SB sedan

  • MSRP: $17,755
  • Freight, dealer prep, AC tax: $1,685
  • Factory discount: $2,500 (cash purchases only)
  • Unhaggle savings: $785
  • Factory discount: $500 (New Graduate discount)
  • Total savings: $3,785
  • Taxable subtotal: $15,572
  • Total price with 13 per cent HST: $17,596.36


2013 Mazda3 Sport GS-SKY automatic

  • MSRP: $21,895
  • Freight, PDI: $1,830
  • Factory discount: $2,500 (Manufacturer’s Incentive cash purchases only)
  • Unhaggle savings: $868
  • Factory discount: $400 (New Graduate discount)
  • Total savings: $3,768
  • Taxable subtotal: $19,975
  • Total price with 13 per cent HST: $22,551.41

Pricing information source: www.unhaggle.com and www.carcostcanada.com. Calculations based on Ontario customers. Please note that while the information above is accurate at the time of publication, incentives are given at the discretion of individual dealers, and may be changed or discontinued at any time. Where noted, “dealer discounts” are negotiated with the customer on a case-by-case basis. Unhaggle Savings are actual discounts received by Unhaggle customers.

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