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design awards

Globe Drive and were honoured last week at the AJAC Journalism Awards, which celebrate the work of members of the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada.

The print section received the 2011 Mitsubishi Design and Layout Award for Best Print Publication, and our website won the 2011 Mitsubishi Design and Layout Award for Best Website.

One judge said the print section, which also won the award in 2007, has a "clean layout and grid with smart and easily comprehensible layering and hierarchy of typography." Another judge appreciated "the playful photography that pairs nicely with clever heads and decks."

The website – which also won this award in 2008, 2009 and 2010 – was described by the judges as being "crisp, clean and easy to follow.

"A perfect balance of layers and hierarchy to keep viewers engaged without being overwhelmed.

"The layout actually works to guide people through the site in what feels like a totally instinctive and natural manner.

"Also offers dynamic, quality imagery and videos with stories that are intriguing and informative."