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Car photos are always a hit at Globe Drive, and these were the most popular galleries of the year. Click here for more photo galleries.

James Fassinger/Reuters

1. In Pictures: The latest cars from the Detroit auto show

Product launch photos, hot models, cool concepts and more from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail

2. In Pictures: The world’s biggest, baddest SUV

With an options list that includes military-grade armour plating, bulletproof windows and a flat-screen TV, the made-in-Canada Conquest Knight is billed as the biggest and most secure SUV in the world. Globe and Mail columnist Peter Cheney took the Knight for a test drive to learn what's inside this fortress on wheels.


3. In Pictures: 10 cars you must see at the Toronto auto show

From high-powered dream machines to practical plug-ins, these are the vehicles that belong on your auto show bucket list.

Denis Balibouse/Reuters

4. In Pictures: Bold new cars at the Geneva Motor Show

From regular runabouts to hot hybrids and cool concepts, there was plenty to see at this European auto show.
General Motors

6. In Pictures: 10 most-stolen vehicles in Canada this year

The Insurance Bureau of Canada released its list of the most frequently stolen vehicles in Canada. The group says some vehicles are exported in pieces to avoid detection, and then reassembled and sold in places as far away as West Africa. Other vehicles such as the Honda Civic are popular for parts, because there are so many on the road. Thieves are also known to change the VIN of stolen cars and sell them in Canada.

7. In Pictures: A gallery of guilty parkers

Too many shoppers and too few spots is a recipe for driver frustration -and not everybody plays nice, writes Dianne Nice in her first column for Globe Drive.

8. In Pictures: Have you ever seen a recreational vehicle like this?

These luxury motorhomes are a long way from the camper vans you grew up with. Click here for the full story.

9. In Pictures: 12 finalists for new car of the year award

Eighty members of the Auto Journalists of Canada (AJAC) tested the new cars available for 2014 in October at the group's TestFest, ranking them on such criteria as safety features, cargo capacity, style and comfort and fuel capacity. These are the category winners, and the overall winner will be announced February 13, 2014 at the Canadian International Auto Show.


10. In Pictures: How Corollas have changed since 1969

The first Corollas arrived in Canada in 1969, and have become bigger and safer with every new model, almost doubling in weight since their debut.