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Reporting on the automotive industry, including recalls and other news, motorsports and blog posts

Blog Archive for September, 2009

Zenn pulls plug on EV plan

Jeremy Cato

The Canadian auto maker has scrapped plans to build cars, and is instead focusing its energy on building a better battery

Dreaming of cars from Europe

If Americans don't want VW Sciroccos or Ford Kas, we can't have them either

Bet on Polo for Canada

Jeremy Cato

It's the only way VW will meet their aggressive sales targets

The electric Trabant and other Frankfurt oddities

Jeremy Cato

The communist Trabi was ugly, underpowered and highly unpleasant to drive. It was also magnificently unreliable.

A cure for electric car "range anxiety"

Jeremy Cato

One upstart company wants to take electric cars from sci-fi oddity to practical reality

Hyundai's success no fluke

Jeremy Cato

Take notice, Honda and Toyota: there's a new contender in Canada

Winning matters. A lot.

Jeremy Cato

BMW Canada CEO Franz Jung clearly believes that second place is for the first loser and that's not where he plans to be.