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Toyota Sienna.

Those who have been nice rather than naughty say they'd most like Santa to leave them a sport-utility vehicle under the tree.

A minivan? Not so much.

A DesRosiers Automotive Consultants survey of 1,547 Canadians found that more than 22 per cent of Canadians would most like to awake Christmas morning to find an SUV wrapped up and topped by a shiny bow. On the other hand, just 6.6 per cent want a minivan – which appears to be the automotive equivalent of a lump of coal.

Of course, not all Canadians are alike, region-to-region. Quebecers said their top automotive present would be an electric vehicle (21.2 per cent), while those in the Atlantic provinces want a luxury sedan (19.6 per cent).

Albertans most crave a new SUV (27.7 per cent), followed by those in British Columbia who also desire what today really is no more than a tall station wagon, usually with four-wheel drive.

And then there are the Canadians who appear to believe in Santa Claus – those who are hopeful enough to wish for an exotic dream car (6.7 per cent). Good luck with that.

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