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trans-canada highway

Holly Hunter and James Spader in a scene from David Cronenberg’s Crash, based on the J.G Ballard book.

I don't know who decides these things, but July 31 was apparently National Orgasm Day. Who knew? It wasn't circled on my calendar.

Anyway, to mark the happy occasion, Durex asked 1,000 American men and women where they fantasize having an orgasm and where they have actually achieved one. Thrill seekers clearly like to get risqué on the road as various modes of transportation figured prominently in the survey.

For example:

Thirty-six per cent of respondents told the condom maker that they've done the deed in a car while 23 per cent have only fantasized about it.

Sixteen per cent fantasized about having the Big O in the back of a cab. The survey didn't say what percentage had achieved their metered mission. Here's hoping it was zero.

And 10 per cent dreamed of subway sex, but only 2 per cent have ever "reached their destination," says Durex.

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