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A new survey says women are generally less proficient than men when it comes to basic car care such as changing a flat tire or checking the vehicle's oil level., a car insurance comparison website, surveyed 2,000 married American men and women with children in April and found that 88 per cent of men have changed a tire compared to only 47 per cent of women. One-third of women say they don't know how to do it, nor do 6 per cent of men.

The survey also found that only 60 per cent of all drivers aged 54 and younger said they had changed a tire, while 80 per cent of those aged 55 or older had.

"There was a time before cellphones when you had to know how to do these things," Des Toups,'s managing editor, said in a statement.

Other survey findings:

Checked the oil: men, 93 per cent; women, 78 per cent

Don't know how to check the oil: men, 4 per cent; women, 13 per cent

Checked tire's air pressure: men, 93 per cent; women, 76 per cent

Don't know how to check tire's air pressure: men, 4 per cent; women, 15 per cent

Have jump-started a car: men, 88 per cent; women, 65 per cent

Don't know how to jump-start a car: men, 7 per cent; women, 26 per cent

Ignored a vehicle's warning light: men, 68 per cent; women, 59 per cent

Imitated engine noises for a mechanic: men, 64 per cent; women, 57 per cent

Who they are most likely to call during a roadside emergency: 38 per cent of men would call roadside assistance while 31 per cent would call their spouse; 58 per cent of women would call their spouse while 27 per cent would call roadside assistance

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